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Robert Narejowski has been resident and working in the UK since 2004. Leaving his home and family in Poland to follow like many others the freedom of work encouraged by the expanded European Union. Professionally qualified in telecommunications between 1998 to 2002, Robert progressed to lead a team of twenty in the emerging fibre optic networking sector, unfortunately a shortened career experience with a company that could not sustain the investment required until return and recognition in this pioneering market. Somewhat disillusioned Robert changed direction, joining his brother working in the building industry, where he quickly learnt to apply his practical ability with good results, enjoying the more hands and creative approach, particularly noticeable when he undertook tiling jobs, his favoured work area but never compromising in any other area that he got involved with where he applied himself with enthusiasm and commitment.

With a growing motivation to better himself, Robert was successful in gaining employment with an English company Eville and Jones Ltd who were expanding their activities into construction and property. With projects in the South West , converting barns and building luxury homes Robert was soon to be promoted to Project Manager after quickly demonstrating his all-round skills and in recognition for his most particular and caring approach to work. Charged with the responsibility to manage a multimillion pound development in Chesterfield, he moved North until its successful completion. With a growing desire to achieve more independence Robert decided to commence his own business and thus facilitate the opportunity to serve a wider client base, building relationships with many other construction and smaller building contractors. A large contract in the South West brought him back to the Kingsbridge area where he has now worked consistently for the past four years, settling into family life with his wife and daughter.

To better appreciate the quality of work undertaken, review the photo gallery which presents a varied cross section of just some of the projects undertaken.

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